I need your help please?

Answer Don't resolve for at least a day I sent for help. OK?

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Please help I need your answer?

they might drug screen you before they allow you to donate.

Females in your early 30's please be serious in answering my ques. I need your help in my situation.?

You may be having palpitations, which is generally defined as heartbeats that you are aware of because they feel like skipping, quivering, fluttering, flipflopping, or jumping. The following provi... Read More »

R&P: If you could remove a song off your favorite album.....(plus BQs; metalheads I need your help please)?

Hmm, well being that my favorite album by Led Zeppelin is IV...and honestly speaking, I love every single song on it, but I would say Houses of the Holy comes in second place. Although I can see th... Read More »

Mobile phone geeks! I need your help please?

HTC Sensation 4GApple iphone 4sSamsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon Wireless)