I need your help! 10 pointer?

Answer Its been a few days since you asked this question. I suppose its either gotten worse or gone away. I hope its the later. If you are still ill please see a doctor. Good luck

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Help Please! 10 pointer!?

You guess she can still walk on her own??? Well, can she or not? It might help to get her to an orthopedic dr so he can evaluate her condition...and you won't have to deal w/it. He already studi... Read More »

I need help :( I keep torturing myself and I really need your opinions :(?

Okay! What's the problem? If you know you're not pregnant and you checked, twice.. You go enough proof! Its normal to get heavy red periods with stomach cramps every once in a while! Its probably l... Read More »

When can you help me im really stuck and i need your help?

Because it's downloading and installing malware on your computer.

I need your help.....Can you help explain the difference between a baby and a babby I can't seem to make?

Babbies are things that pop out of ompelle's hibbity-hoo-hah every 4 months (she is magical that way), and baby's are .... ah, crap... I have no idea what those are.*cries*