I need you opinion about this Video...?

Answer Well it's just a music video. I'm pretty sure she doesn't walk around like that all the time.She's probably really nice in person

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What's your opinion on this video?

He should have escorted them to the hospital. He probably feels like a fool now.

In your opinion what is the best video editing software?

Well honestly the best video editing software is AVID. Its the industry standard and you can do damn near anything with it. It also has better color correction than Final Cut Studio (although Col... Read More »

What is your opinion of the Flip(video camera)?

my mom has one for the family on trips and they are AWESOME u can do so much with it! if you record a video and u like part of a video you can go threw the video and pick a part of it as a picture!... Read More »

Random.... What is in your opinion, the best youtube video ever?

ok, her r the followingANY Fred vid:)Snape Song-Let Me Penetrate YouThe Snape Song-Potions Master 101Harry Potter DubHarry Potter Dub 2the dubs mak me laugh, and so do the fred ones!luv em!