I need to upgrade my Pc's ram to 1GB,where do i start! help?

Answer Go to the hewlett packard official site and find your exact model of PC (usually by typing in your PC's serial number)! Then look for your PC's type of memory in the specifications.Once you know wh... Read More »

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Need help in buying a RAM upgrade for my HP laptop?

to find your model number eg DV6-985se see linkwhen you eventually work out your model number try looking at the mrmemory siteits a uk site but its got some good relevant information

Upgrade an old pc, I need help with the components?

The first thing you want to do when upgrading a PC is to give it a good video card. I would say, get the Radeon HD 7750. This will play any modern game on medium to high settings.Radeon HD 7750 Lin... Read More »

I need help on deciding what to upgrade to for my computer?

This is a very broad question. What is your current set up? do you already have 2 gpus that you want to put in a new motherboard? why do you need to upgrade your motherboard and power supply? are y... Read More »

I want to upgrade my hard drive and RAM, do I need to upgrade anything else?

I don't think that your current computer can be upgraded to run what you want.Check the eBay Daily Deals for price slashed desktops or laptops that are years NEWER and run around $200 - $250 but ca... Read More »