I need to turn a minolta mount lens to fit a nikon mount?

Answer Can't be done. Even if you could find an adaptor that would let you mount the converted lens, you'd lose the ability to focus to infinity, due to the extra distance from the sensor.You'd be bette... Read More »

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Is there an adapter to mount an old minolta lens to a new Sony/Minolta mount?

Yes. I found one at…

Minolta film SLR lens mount?

All manual focus Minolta cameras use the "SR" mount which was introduced in 1958. Minolta used this mount until 1985 when they introduced the Maxxum 7000 AF camera line with the "A" mount.So look f... Read More »

What kind of lens mount does minolta maxxum 400si have?

Yes! Manual focussing is easy and that is a great lens.

Will an f mount lens fit on a Nikon n70?