I need to transfer a video from a cassette in a Sony Handycam?

Answer if u plug it in to your tv dvd player (must be dvd r)then play the video cam ans at the same time record it using the dvd r then u can put that dvd in your pc and copy it from the dvd to the pc.hop... Read More »

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How to transfer video in pc from sony handycam DCR-TRV285E?

The Sony DCR-TRV285 is a Digital8 tape based camcorder.ALL Digital8 tape based camcorders transfer video the same way... just like miniDV tape... Your computer needs a firewire port. If it does not... Read More »

How do i transfer video to computer using sony handycam 990x camcorder?

This camcorder uses recording media known as the Hi8 tapes, which are recorded in an analog format. Had it of been a camcorder which uses mini DVDs or MiniDV tapes, this would be a quick and easy s... Read More »

How do you transfer video from a Sony DCR-HC28 handycam to a HP Pavillioin a1006n desktop PC?

Regardless of which PC you've got, that's a MiniDV camcorder, so the video is transferred via firewire. Your PC's spec says it's got an IEEE1394 port, so you just need a firewire cable and you're ... Read More »

Sony Handycam - how do you transfer to computer?

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