I need to take a 8 mm tape from a camcorder & transfer to dvd How do i do it?

Answer It depends on what your camcorder supports. If the camcorder supports transferring video through the usb port, then yes you are correct. If it does not, you might have to get something like the li... Read More »

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What do I need to transfer tape recordings to my computer from a camcorder?

I like to tell you a fact, something many does not know because of marketing gimmicks.Your camcorder is an analog electronic camcorder and not a digital camcorder. Digital camcorders are those whic... Read More »

Is it possible to transfer my records from my old camcorder Sony 8mm tape to computer or DVDHow Thanks.?

Yes you can.Find a Digital8 camcorder. Borrow one, get a deal on a used one, or purchase a new base model for $250 or less online at places like Amazon (more advanced models are also available at ... Read More »

How do I transfer video tape recordings directley from my camcorder on to my computer?

First, you need to be specific about what kind of cam you have. I'm assuming it's a digital tape cam. Type in "freewheeling franklin" in the search for questions box at the top of the page. I made ... Read More »

Camcorder Speacialist: What low cost camcorder can video tape in dim light?

Hi "September": The term "low cost" is a relative term. Low cost to Donald Trump or Mark Cuban might be a few thousand dollars. Camcorders run anywhere from $50-$50,000 USD (and more!). If you gi... Read More »