I need to smoke but I can't right now. What can I do to feel better?

Answer Just forget about it. I know that's easy to say but it works for me... As soon as that 'need' goes away you can go for another length of time before the craving will come back.I've found that by di... Read More »

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How does it feel to smoke a cigarette?

The first one, you usually just cough until you feel dizzy and like you're coughing a lung out.The next few and it’s a little easier, but you still get dizzy.The next few and you start looking fo... Read More »

How do yu feel about people who smoke weed....?

As long as they have their priorities in order & don't let the pot rule or ruin their life I wouldn't judge them.People can still be good citizens if they are strong minded & don't let pot smoking ... Read More »

If I don't smoke cigarette I feel sick?

Over time, the secondhand smoke made you addicted to the nicotine.

How do weed edibles feel if you smoke everyday?

When you smoke, your lungs process the THC much faster, generally with in a couple min. BUT Be careful!! the feeling will take MUCH LONGER to take effect, out of personal exp. ive had it take abo... Read More »