I need to send my/ my parents' tax forms to colleges?

Answer Check your SAR that you received from FAFSA. At the end it should tell you if you were picked for "Verification". If you are not selected, don't worry about it for now. If you are selected you w... Read More »

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Do I send in W-2 forms when e-filing?

If you are e-filing your tax return yourself, adding the information from the W-2 into the software is similar to attaching the W-2 to your return. You don't have to send in the actual W-2. However... Read More »

Where are you to send the w 4 forms in Indiana?

This form is for the employer's records. Do not send this form to the Department of Revenue.

When is the last day for employers to send W-2 forms out?

The last day that employers should send W-2 forms to employees is, generally, January 31st of the tax filing year. Three copies should be given to the employee including: Copy B- to be filed with t... Read More »

When Are Employers Required To Send Out W2 Forms?

Typically, employers are required to mail W-2 forms to all employees between December 31 of the tax year and January 31, according to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. This deadline applies to whe... Read More »