I need to scan a doc but i want to save it on my desktop ?

Answer I don't know if I have fully understood your question but here goes.Normally when you scan a document the scanned document appears as an image/picture file such as a JPEG or TIFF file that you can ... Read More »

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When you scan a picture and you save it to your desktop, How do you crop it and send it out to people?

you can use picasa software to crop pics. download it from its free.

I want to upgrade my desktop tower, need really smart tech person:D?

Well, yes you are a bit behind on the hardware..To upgrade your processor, you need to know the motherboard's socket because different cpu's work with different sockets, for example an i5 3570k onl... Read More »

I Need Help with my printer on how to scan pictures because I already tried it and it doesn`t want to work?

I recommend "PhotoFiltre" it's much easier to scan pictures from. I have used it for years... It's FREEOpen PhotoFiltre > Click on "File" > Choose "Import Twain" > "Acquire Image" -or- "Select Sour... Read More »

Norton doesnt let me choose a SCAN SESSION to save my scan session information?