I need to purchase a hard drive...what should I look for?

Answer Get an external hard drive that connects via USB; depending on the storage size you need, it can run anywhere between $75ish to $200.

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I need to buy a lawn mower. I need nothing special, and my yard is not big. What qualities should I look for?

You can have my goat. Paloma organised a charity collection appeal to get me one due to the unavailability of clean sheep here in NZ. You know, nothing says I love you like a live goat. Anyways, he... Read More »

I need a great deal on a 42" plasma or LCD. Where should I look?

Dude first of all do lots and lots of home work.LCD - Matt finish, low to no glare, great picture in broad daylight, ideal for gaming such as PS3 and xbox. Plasma - Glass high gloss finish, slight... Read More »

Do you think i should smoke weed I really need help to decide or not its a really hard question.?

heII ya my fuickin sessy azz niggu sista XDill be right there with ya :P

Looking to purchase a hard drive (or possibly DVD) camcorder?

Even if you are a little bit inclined to edit your videos, I suggest go for a camcorder which uses MiniDV casettes. The quality of video downloaded from miniDV casettes is far superior than those o... Read More »