I need to purchase a hard drive...what should I look for?

Answer Get an external hard drive that connects via USB; depending on the storage size you need, it can run anywhere between $75ish to $200.

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How soon will it become impossible to purchase an IDE Hard Drive?

I would not worry you can buy a sata card. that slips in pci slot. I was looking on ebay and bought one of these new computers that fit in the palm of your hand, at the same time they was offering ... Read More »

Looking to purchase a hard drive (or possibly DVD) camcorder?

Even if you are a little bit inclined to edit your videos, I suggest go for a camcorder which uses MiniDV casettes. The quality of video downloaded from miniDV casettes is far superior than those o... Read More »

Just purchase a new hard drive, can i intall new window if my laptop came with window vista?

You can install any OS!!Windows7 , xp, debian, ubuntu , openSuse, freebsd, freedos...

If you purchase a vehicle for your son but your ex-wife has custody are you liable if they do not purchase insurance?

Answer If the car is in your name you are responsible not your ex wife. she would be liable if the car was in her name.