I need to pee but cba to get outta bed!?

Answer Wet yourself?

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Why do drinks outta bottles taste different than drinks outta cans?

Because they are contained in different materials. The metallic taste goes into drinks in cans, and a plastic taste goes into the ones in bottles. I don't think the ones in glass bottles would be... Read More »

What is the best makeup brand outta these two?

Loreal is most likely the better quality of the two.

Curious on looks girls :P Rating outta ten please :D?

Yeah, yeah you're really pretty*, quite pixie/elf-like :)*Pretty = handsome to me, I just prefer the word so use it to describe the things I like :)

How do I get blood outta me-cut myself- without making it hurt?

Yahoo Answers does not exist to help you harm yourself. If you need to see blood, I recommend watching a TV reality show about the E.R.