I need to output my computer to tv?

Answer That will NEVER work.Those VGA-to-component cables are intended for video cards that have a specially-built VGA port capable of sending out a component signal. It will NOT work with just any VGA p... Read More »

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What power output does a computer USB port output?

USB ports on personal computers and laptops are intended to allow "plug-n-play" convenience for a variety of peripheral hardware items, including keyboards, mice, printers, monitors, sound devices ... Read More »

Can you hook up your computer to a TV with an RGB output on the TV?

You can hook up your computer to a TV that has an RGB output with a DVI to RGB cable. However, your computer must have a DVI port, and your TV must have HDTV capability, according to Online Tech Ti... Read More »

Handheld Computer Output Methods?

Any portable device will require a means of dumping files, printing and just plain data to an external destination. There are several methods of achieving this, some more reliable than others. Hand... Read More »

Televisions That Play Computer Output?

There may be times when you want to display what is on your computer on a much larger screen. Thankfully, they are many options to do this and most are built directly into your computer and televis... Read More »