I need to monitor my child's text messages?

Answer Too complex for a simple answer. People and their reactions to stimuli are as individual as the 7 billion people who inhabit this planet. That is not to imply there are not similarities; human beha... Read More »

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Why would the cia monitor my text messages?

Yes, ex-DEA chief for Central America, Celerino Castillo and CIA pilot Terry Reed. The DEA and FBI tried to counterattack them by filing charges against them also for drug trafficking! Read the Ker... Read More »

Need help! How to get text messages off cell and on to the computer?

You should be able to forward the messages to your email one at a time. You will just have to put your email address in the to line.

How can you read your childs instant messages?

you dont, mind your own business yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhu have a right to see what your children are doing but you were kids how you u like it if ur parnets were on top of your every actition so ... Read More »

Is there anyway for me to print my text messages on paperI have a court date that i need it for!!!?

Yes, you can download "Email My Texts SMS" for Android phones.It works very well and is highly rated. It creates an email of your texts which you can then print.