I need to make a website like IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Any website software that helps you with that!?

Answer vBulletin. I've heard it's been used to make sites like IDMb. "It's great", I believe they said. "It makes great sites" said someone else. "I wouldn't use anything else. It's great, especially for ... Read More »

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Where can u download music for free from website which is not p2p software or website whatsoever....?

its the 1 and`only`4 you`mi`amigo`-

I don't have internet protection on my computer how do I download the software from att's website?

You will need antivirus and antispyware here is a list of free ones…

How to make a website PROPOSAL and what software to use ?

Use DreamWeaver for your html code. (not Free try demo Version) or a html editor FreewareUse Flex free edition for your Flash components.(Free)Use php for your code functions, and special behaviour... Read More »

How do I add a database to a website?

Enter Database SectionVisit the web host control panel for the domain that you want to add a database to and log in. Search through the options and find the "Database" section of your control panel... Read More »