I need to loose 2 lbs by friday morning for my physical any serious suggestions?

Answer Friday is in two days. No, there is nothing you can do. Your physician would be more upset with you not eating for a couple of days than if you were a couple of pounds overweight...You should've st... Read More »

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Is facebook down this morning(Friday)? service distruption worldwide

Do I need to loose weight Any suggestions would be fine...and NO sarcasm, please.?

According to your height of 5' 5" your ideal healthy weight is 125 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 119 and 149 pounds.

Im 15 years old and 90 pounds and i still keep trying to loose weight but its not working.Got any suggestions?

If you're 15, you should be about 100-120 lbs.

Are there any members on-line tonight, who would join me in a prayer for my Dad who died on Friday morning?

I sure sincere prayers and thoughts go out to your beloved dad...and you and all your family....lost my beloved the same way and it hurts so very bad even two years on GOD BLESS YOU AL... Read More »