I need to know what printers would work with my computer that has 63 RAM of memory?

Answer As long as the printer drivers are compatible with your operating system you can use any printer.With that little of RAM I suspect you are running Win95 or Win98.

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Will the photo printers in boots let you print from a memory stick or just your camera memory card?

yes in boots you can print from any memory stick,well at the boots store in my area you can and if its a big store sure it will be the same

Will pc 4200 memory work in my compaq computer?

PC4200 memory will only work in your Compaq computer if it has a motherboard than can support DDR2 RAM, according to Crucial. Consider using a memory upgrade adviser tool to be sure what RAM to use... Read More »

Memory card wont work in my computer?

Assuming you are using XP, Right Click on My Computer, select Manage...then this will open the Management Console. Select STORAGE and you should see all the drives. You may be asked to FORMAT! I wo... Read More »

Will 667MHz memory work with a 533MHz computer?

667 MHz (PC5300) RAM will work in a computer that uses 533 MHz (PC4200) RAM; however, it will only operate at 533 MHz speeds. These two types of RAM are both DDR2 SDRAM, so there will be no compati... Read More »