I need to know the order that these reading skills develop?

Answer * Building Vocab - happens first, but is on-going throughout life*environmental print - what toddler doesn't recognize the golden arches?* rhyming - 2's like to hear it; 3's begin to get it* lette... Read More »

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Activities to Develop Pre-Reading Skills?

Reading is a skill that is vital to your child's future success. To make your child a successful reader, take steps to ensure she is ready to learn. Read to your child daily, choosing fun books she... Read More »

How to develop your child's reading and writing skills during summer break.?

Children need constant stimulus to keep them engaged in learning and motivated to excel. According to Teaching Strategies, a sponsor of the National Association for the Education of Young Children ... Read More »

Higher Order Thinking Skills for Reading?

Mortimer Adler wrote about four different types of reading in his classic "How to Read a Book." The two lower order types of reading he called "elementary reading" and "inspectional reading," in wh... Read More »

Do you use assistive reading technology in your special ed classroom in order to improve literacy skills?

You don't. It is very unhealthy to try and lose weight during pregnancy unless you are seriously obese. Be very careful about either restricting calorie intake or vigorous exercise during pregnanc... Read More »