I need to know some stuff about braces?

Answer haha i can prob help u alot with this question. i just got mine put on about 1 month ago. so it is going to be weird having metal in yur mouth but you will get you so that. Your teeth may be a litt... Read More »

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What are some things I should know about braces?

I'm not gonna lie they hurt. After a few weeks you wont be able to feel them. You can't eat hard or chewy foods. Or even soda but honestly I don't think anyone really listens to that. Usually you g... Read More »

Things You Need to Know About Braces?

One of the most valuable things to know about braces regards seeking a second opinion. As an article published by the website BracesGuide states, most people are willing to devote a great deal of t... Read More »

I need some help from those who know a lot about speakers and can give a detailed answer about the risks?

Why do so many yabbos think that mixing car and home audio gear is a good idea ? It's SO not. Car gear usually has very different impedances, and that difference can kill the amp in home gear. Car ... Read More »

Pls read i need to know some info about my ailment?

Unfortunately Craig I fear your brother was right. You show all the signs and are indeed the devil reincarnate. You can do one of two things. Take it upon yourself to destroy all humans and end the... Read More »