I need to know of a great Asian restaurant in Charlotte.?

Answer Charlotte Restaurants, Hotels, Nightclubs, Caterers & Banquet Halls Charlotte has many great restaurants. French restaurants, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and more. Charlotte has a lot... Read More »

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Do you know any good South Asian West Asian cuisine that's easy to prepare?

You would be looking at Persian or Iraqi foods like KooKoo-yeh Morgh Recipe with chicken, eggs, onions, saffron, and lime juice Nargesi Esfanaaj Recipe fried spinach with eggs and onions http://per... Read More »

Can someone recommend a restaurant in Charlotte, NC for an anniversary?

You might try a website like http://www.chowhound.comor for restaurant recommendations.If you want a great experience, I recommendVilla Antonio for a unique experience if you like... Read More »

Any restaurant, bar or club suggestions in Charlotte amalie?

Willies is a biker bar with attitude, cold beer, hot BBQ and loud music. Wear your leathers!

How can I make my eyes look Asian without surgery (I already know that eyeliner is good to do by I need more!!?

Very thick, Jet Black eyeliner and lots of mascara...