I need to install my printer/ scanner but I lost my cds?

Answer All you have to do to get the guaranteed correct driver is go to and click support. go to driver downloads and enter your infoor just click this.. i did it for you. Read More »

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Brother printer all in 1 i have lost the installation c.d can i get another 1 as i can use scanner without it?

Go here and download - just enter your model number…

How do you get a webcam and a printer with a scanner to work if you lost the cd to download the software...?

when you find out can you mail me the video/pictures =)?

I lost my disc for my epsonstyluscx3810 printer/scanner and i can't connect it to my computer without it?

Go to Epson's support page.Here:…

I have an F2100 HP printer. lost my disc. how can I install printer HELP!!!!?

go to drivers website and download the drivers