I need to install a second monitor - how?

Answer you need a graphics card which has (2) portsplug em both in and voila! you have dual monitorsthen all it takes is a little configuration in Display Properties

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How to Install a Second Monitor on a Computer?

It's possible to add or install a second monitor to your computer if your computer is equipped with the proper hardware. Fortunately, most computers as of 2010 support multiple monitors. Adding a s... Read More »

What do i need to hook up second monitor?

All you need is some place to plug it in.If you are using a laptop computer then you will likely have some additional port into which you can connect an external monitor giving you two. If you are... Read More »

How to Fix an External Monitor to Be the Second Monitor in a Vista Laptop?

Connect an external monitor to your laptop to add more screen room or view your programs on a bigger display. Windows Vista typically treats the laptop screen as the main monitor, but you can confi... Read More »

How to Use a Second Laptop as a Second Monitor?

Monitors are the standard computer accessory by which runs the goings-on of a computer. If one runs multiple applications at once, it can be helpful to hook up another viewscreen as a second monito... Read More »