I need to get rid of bug bites FAST?

Answer I know this sounds silly but It worked for me when I had tick bites and Mosquito bites.Try rubbing alcohol or rubbing a banana peel on your skin.And consult a doctor

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How to get rid of bug bites fast?

I've been in your situation before. It's horrible. I had so many flea bites it looked like I have chicken pox or something. Try taking a hot bath with baking soda in it. I added a cup of baking... Read More »

Anything that can get rid of ant bites... FAST!!!?

Instant RemediesRub tea tree oil, vinegar or a slice of onion on the area to relieve pain and itching. Make-Ahead RemediesMix salt, baking soda, meat tenderizer or crushed aspirin with water to mak... Read More »

How can you get rid of ant and bug bites FAST!?

You should see a Doctor if the bites have been on you for 2years. The next time you get a bite use triple antibiotic cream..

How do you get rid of bug bites fast?

Treatment depends on the type of reaction. If there is only redness and pain at the site of the bite, application of ice is adequate treatment. Clean the area with soap and water to remove contamin... Read More »