I need to find a resturaunt in Milwaukee WI for my four year anniversary?

Answer Try looking into these restaurants (I, too, live in the same area as you so I already know that these restaurants are either in or near Milwaukee, WI)This first link is for a restaurant near Milwau... Read More »

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Good restaurant for 2 year anniversary in Milwaukee, WI?

You need to go someplace really special. I suggest one of those Pizza Hut/Taco Bell side by sides and yourselves an "international" treat!

What year did the Boston Braves move to Milwaukee?

The Braves franchise moved from Boston to Milwaukee in 1953, after being in Boston from 1876 to 1952, because of money and attendance problems, according to In Milwaukee, the... Read More »

What year did the Milwaukee Braves move to Atlanta?

The Braves played their final game in Milwaukee County Stadium in October 1965. The team moved to Atlanta for the 1966 season, marking the end of a 13-year residency in Wisconsin. This move left th... Read More »

How far is the Milwaukee Amtrak Station from the Milwaukee Public Market?

The Milwaukee Amtrak Station, located at 433 West Street Paul Avenue, is 0.5 mile away by foot or car from the Milwaukee Public Market, which is located on 400 North Street.References:Milwaukee Pub... Read More »