I need to find a resturaunt in Milwaukee WI for my four year anniversary?

Answer Try looking into these restaurants (I, too, live in the same area as you so I already know that these restaurants are either in or near Milwaukee, WI)This first link is for a restaurant near Milwau... Read More »

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Good restaurant for 2 year anniversary in Milwaukee, WI?

You need to go someplace really special. I suggest one of those Pizza Hut/Taco Bell side by sides and yourselves an "international" treat!

Its my girlfriends and I two year anniversary and I need to take her out to dinner?

check out for suggestions and reviews for a place to go

I need great learning games, for my four year old son?

need more specifics.....looking for premade, store made games....or for ones you can make for and with your child......lots of both on the marketalso no information on how much your child already k... Read More »

Lasagna dinner four four year olds birthday what should i do for side dishes?

First of all, good for you for serving real food to the kids - I don't understand this idea that children should only eat chicken nuggets, fries and hotdogs... they've got tastebuds and they have t... Read More »