I need to find a link so i can get rid of viruses can you help me find were?

Answer This is my favorite.. It's excellent and free.

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Excel Help please!! I need to find a way to link to a file whose path is listed in a spreadsheet cell?

You did not say whether you wanted a formula or trying to do this with VBA code. Nor which version of MS-Excel is being used.If you have both the directory path and file name already in a cell, th... Read More »

I need help paying for college and everyone tells me how easy it is to find scholarships but I can't find any.?

The best sites for scholarship searches, check with your academic department and financial aid office to see if they are aware o... Read More »

You were on the sally show with butch Reynolds called vicious rumors and you just want to find out how you can find the episode you were on?

He owns over 100 cars and 70 motorcycles, including a $4M 1934 Bugatti. He takes a different car to work every day

Would anyone help me find the minimum age requirement to check in at the Indianapolis Marriott (Link)?

I've never heard of a minimum age requirement.