I need to eat meat to live, is that true?

Answer Thank you Michael for this very interesting question, i have been wondering this myself!After 28 years of not eating the flesh of other animals I am surprised you are still well enough to sit at yo... Read More »

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Is it true that antibiotics are in meat?

Since I think it matters to respond with the truth, here are the most factual things I can find for you:1. Beef has a withdrawl period after the administering of medications. I believe the period ... Read More »

Are you a true animal lover if you eat meat?

I don't think eating has much to do with loving animals or not. We may be technologically advanced but due to the speed (or lack of) when it comes to evolving, we're still very much in the cave. Ea... Read More »

Can a true animal lover eat meat?

Unless love is half-hearted and selfish, if we love something we would want what is best for them.

Isnt true that vegetarians dont eat meat Well I met a guy who claimed he was but he had some sushi for dinner?

Actual vegetarians do not eat any meat. Some people are confused and call themselves vegetarian when they eat meat. Fish is meat and no vegetarian eats fish. There are no levels of vegetarian besid... Read More »