I need to drink all day tomorrow. Help me create a drinking schedule.?

Answer wake a large breakfast...eggs..hash browns..pancakes...maybe some bacon...make sure you get plenty of sleep the night around eleven..(this all depends upon your taste for alco... Read More »

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I need help passing a drug test tomorrow for the navy. Help Please?

I need help with my sleep schedule.?

Hi KimThere are lot's of things that can stop someone from getting a good night's sleep, or cause insomnia. It may be a good idea to check with a doctor to see if there is an underlying health prob... Read More »

Drinking sweet drink everyday will affect my life HELP!!!?

does diabetes run in your family? If it does then yes it is possiable.You should attempt to be as healthy as you can.Try making your own tea at home, use half organic sugar and half honey to sweete... Read More »

HELP! I need a good restaurant in NYC for tomorrow!?

Alices Tea Cup, its based off of Alice in Wonderland. they have delicious choices for veggitarians and carnivores. the scones are amazing, they change the selection everyday, except for plain butte... Read More »