I need to download a file (.zip), but it has PWS-Mmorpg trojan and Artemis in it...?

Answer Find the file on another website.If you are downloading software, try

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Where can i get a free download program for trojan removal at no cost which scans and removes trojan?

Any antivirus software can remove trojans , but for removing some trojans you have to follow some instructions given on the antivirus company's website

How to remove Trojan VIRUS from the file without deleting the file?

The best anti virus and trojan remover is AVAST. End of story.Just download it, install it and when it ask for a BOOT SCAN, select YES. It will reboot the compu and it will start scan before loggin... Read More »

Your file has been unlocked! Click okay on the download prompt to download the file?

SCAM: The goal is to keep you answering surveys, so the member who referred the link gets paid. There is no file; it's either empty or gibberish.Sources(s):…

Where to download a trojan software?

You'll have a very hard time finding something. First off, it's illegal, so you'll have a hard time finding what you're looking for on here. Also, most viruses don't want you to know it's a virus, ... Read More »