I need to clear my history of google searches, how do i do it?

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How do I clear history of searches?

Mozilla FirefoxClick the "Tools" menu item. Select the "Clear Recent History" option from the drop-down menu. The Clear Recent History window will open. Click the "Time range to clear" down arrow. ... Read More »

How to Clear Past Google Searches?

Clearing your Google search history will allow your computer to run faster. It is really simple and you can also choose to clear other areas of your browsers history at the same time. When your bro... Read More »

How do I clear recent searches on Google?

In Internet Explorer 8Click "Safety" and select "Delete Browsing History." Select "Form Data" and click "Delete" to clear recent searches from the Google search box.In Firefox 2 and 3Click "Tools" ... Read More »

How to delete google history in searches?

the only way you can delete history is doing it from the actual internet history button. you cant however do it from specific sites *ie google if she looked something up on google then its stuck th... Read More »