I need to buy a printer for my computer today...........?

Answer i suggested hp because there cheap and there ink last a long time I've got a hp deskjet 950c and it works fine

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Help! I have a Dell Computer and I need a New Printer.?

why don't you visit the amazon digital cam store : is a section for printers, hundreds of them, along with specifications , prices,reviews....etc they ha... Read More »

Computer geeks. Need Help. Printer Problem?

HiYou need to install the drivers from the CD and not just relying on Windows drivers which, half the time are useless. What kind of printer is it? If it is a HP, you will have to uninstall the pri... Read More »

If u have a new printer, do u need a cd to install it or does u jst connect it to the computer?

Need to download hp printer software to computer lost disk?

Well, there's not much point downloading to a lost disc.  You'd be better off downloading it to the hard disc in your computer.Anyway, to get printer drivers, go to Read More »