I need to break my wrist! please help me!?

Answer Uh, I don't think that's very healthy. But it does sound serious, so keep persisting and tell you parents everyday if it hurts. That might get them to take you. If not, try waiting until school sta... Read More »

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Did i break my wrist Please help?

You may have just bruised it, if you start to get into a lot of pain go and see your GP.

How can i break my wrist please help?

Mate, before I tell you the way to break your hand, it is really painful. Even the doctors feel that pain.That's how much it's going to affect you. Now, I've broken my leg (shin bone) by jumping do... Read More »

Do I need to see a dr What is wrong with my wrist Please help?

You may have a hairline fracture or a minor sprain in the ellipsoid joint.This injury could potentially heal on its own, however it may take up to a few weeks.Try not to put any severe stress on it... Read More »

HELP!! A bully said if I don't break or sprain my wrist he'll hurt me! HELP!!?

Bully's are simply cowards in disguise. Stand your ground -- never let anyone bully you.