I need to break my ankle?

Answer Better still, a stress fracture so you have a soft cast, but cannot really walk on it

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Urgent!! I need help because a bully said if I don't break my ankle by tomorrow he will kill me!!?

let him try....most bullies are all gotta stand up to him sometime...if your a girl, get a guy friend to come with you....its not fair for a guy to pick on a girl...if your a guy, get a ... Read More »

I need help with my ankle foot what ever my ankle is like outward and leaning. Every time i wear sneakers my s?

134lbs and 5'0". This can cause it every time. Either this or you're the spawn of Yosemite Sam and are bow-legged as ****.

How to break my ankle or leg ?

take a knife and stab your leg, might be really painful but worth it

How can i break my ankle?

That is such a bad idea. Why would you even want to do that? There are so many things that can go wrong that it isn't even worth it. You could end up with permanent damage to your ankle to the p... Read More »