I need the codes for ge universal remote 24921 sylvania tv?

Answer GE remote codes for Sylvania TV: 0062 0004 0009 0135 0189 0183 0227 0456 0008 0068 0075 0141 0161.

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What are the GE universal remote codes for a Sylvania TV?

You can consult your instruction manual (the list is usually a separate document) or contact Jasco Products Company support at 1-800-643-8483 Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 5:00pm (CST). Jasco Products ... Read More »

What are the codes for a Philips universal remote for sylvania tv?

Try 0054Let me expand my answer to be a little more helpful. Some remotes need a 5 digit code, some need a 4 digit code. Above is a 4 digit code, The 5 digit code would be 10054. Some remotes autom... Read More »

I have a phillips universal remote and i lost the code list does anyone know the codes for a sylvania tv?

I have a Philips Universal Remote (3 device with a sticker in the battery compartment "CL034")These are the codes listed for Sylvania TVs0807 0002 0502 0115 0520 0919 0324 0247 0402 0408 01... Read More »

If you have a sylvania personal TV the remote is not working what is the code to use a universal remote the universal remote is a Dish Network?

it depends on receiver model, and electrical code regulations. but to get it to work all you need to do is have a line run from the 1000.2 LNB (port 1 2 or 3) to the receiver. if you have a dual re... Read More »