I need someone to help me learn about cameras its important.?

Answer I spent 4 years getting a BA in photography and then spent quite a few years as a professional! I don't think anybody can give you a crash course in photography on a forum like this but if you have... Read More »

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How to Forget About Someone Important?

We all know its hard to get over someone important, whether it was a relationship or a friend, its usually isn't easy, but it can certainty be reasonable.

How to Learn About the Important Concept of Black Body Radiation in Quantum Mechanics?

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Please need help on cameras?

There are only two brands that produce "professional" cameras. Nikon and CanonUsually by the time you need a professional camera, you have been using some kind of fully adjustable camera while in ... Read More »

HELP 6yr old MIght repeat Kindergarten because of Not knowing how to READ much, Need to help her learn quick?

Nothing is wrong with her. Remember that.You are worried, which means you are a parent who cares.Back off for a while if she refuses and wait until she is ready, becasue if you are trying to push t... Read More »