I need some scrubs recipes for dry skin?

Answer Exfoliate your skin with brown sugar to remove dead skin and any dirt, be sure to wash it off after or it'll be sticky, stay clear of the baking soda as it will clean your skin but it will most lik... Read More »

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Need some fabulous coffee/espresso recipes?

you can try this recipe: Mocha Mudslide Milkshake Mixed DrinkIngredients: * 1 cup fat-free Milk * 2/3 cup sliced ripe Banana * 2 tblsp Sugar * 1 tsp instant Coffee granules * 1/4 cup... Read More »

I need some good recipes for chicken tartare?

I trust you didn't forget to add the raw eggs?

I have crabs! Need some good crab recipes?

Dungeness crab is delicious and I have some great Dungeness Crab recipes for you. Salads, Sandwiches, Soups......just MMMMMM' Yummy! ;7)"Give me Dungeness or give me death," has always been my slog... Read More »

Need some dinner recipes for my son...but hes allergic to a lot of!?

So hopefully you're giving him a gluten-free spaghetti if he can't have gluten or wheat? OK, so you could have been more clear in your original post - when you say "spaghetti" most people think of... Read More »