I need some money?

Answer dont give up hope, u can always go for seconds in books... judge what u are good at and take up a job related to that... best of luck,,, and yes the stock market is going up..u can invest very very... Read More »

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Who gives away free money in NY I need some desperately!?

OK, Im almost certain that no one is going to start giving out money (Sorry, I wish I could find someone to hand me a few hundred every time I need it, too) but if you need money that bad its time... Read More »

I need to send a friend overseas some money Paypal the best way to do this?

International bank regulations prohibit financial transactions between Australia and Nigeria. No, really, don't try to verify that or nothin'...I could explain it to you, but then I'd have to use r... Read More »

I'm looking for a part time job on weekends. I am 13 years old! I need some money for a school trip?

Cleaning Jobs Kids 13 years old can help friends and relatives with big cleaning jobs. For example, an adult who has put off cleaning a garage, an attic or even a large closet may respond to... Read More »

Can anyone tell me any stardoll gift codes please I really need some money.?