I need some makeup advice. Help!?

Answer those bits of make up WILL make a difference to your appearance. if you play sport then, you're right, waterproof is probally better. for your eye shadow try a light brown or other netural colours.... Read More »

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Please help!!! im worried and i need some advice or help!?

I'd say you could still be having those "BC" symptoms, all types of bc have different symptoms and some last longer than others...way longer than others. And another reason why you could be feeling... Read More »

I need some help or advice please?

awww hunny that sounds really promising!They say a positive is a positive so hope so hunny!I've had af cramps over the weekend too, but they have now gone. hope this is a good sign xxxxlet me know ... Read More »

I need some advice on smokers, can someone help me?

There are a lot of things that the medical community can dofor you, but you'll have to admit to your parents that you aresmoking and want to stop."Mom, I started smoking a couple of years ago, and ... Read More »

Can someone help me please,need some good advice !!!!!!!!?

contact her/your doctor, childline, social services, her parents or anyone who has a close and/or professional medical relationship with her who can talk to her and give her the support and advice ... Read More »