I need some help from someone who really knows TV's!?

Answer The DVD button on your TV remote has to be programmed to interact with your DVD player, until you do that use your DVD player's remote.Here are questions you need to ask yourself that will help:1-d... Read More »

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Need to shadow someone for a day in Boulder Colorado and I really need help. PLEASE READ!?

You need to use common sense. Auto mechanic is a little dangerous. They do not want people in the work area, because of insurance regulations. Any job like that, where there is equipment involve... Read More »

Ok, i need some help with my camcorder, could someone help me, i'm very desperate to get this working!?

I'm surprised no-one has stated the obvious...According to your description, "Now, i have a port in my camcorder and on my computer like this:"...You have a mini-FW socket on your computer AND the ... Read More »

I really need a low price professional camera or a semi professional one. I need someone to suggest some.?

Camera? This question is in the camcorder forum...First, define "professional" grade. In my book, that means a lens filter diameter of 70mm or bigger (for low light behavior), low compression video... Read More »

I need help from somebody that knows the small city of switzerland "Stein am Rhein"?

Let's try to narrow this down: In Stein am Rhein, there is "Migros" super market, it's at "Grossi Schanze" # 10, but I don't know of any café close by. Now, what to do? I suggest sending the touri... Read More »