I need some help connecting via ethernet cable?

Answer More than likely, they have what is called "port security" turned on in the switch. If they're using Cisco switches, which I would assume they would be, that may be the reason. What "port security"... Read More »

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Which thin ethernet cable is used for 10base-2 ethernet / 802.3 ethernet Thinnet?

Networking components compliant with the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers 802.3 standard, also known as IEEE 802.3 or 10-base 2, rely on a small form of coaxial cable known as thi... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Ethernet Cable and Set up a Network Between Two Laptops Using Ethernet Cable?

Modern computer system depends on networking for sharing and transferring of data. Basically networking is a collection of different computers and its peripherals that are interconnected by communi... Read More »

What is the difference between an ethernet cable and an ethernet "crossover" cable?

A crossover cable flips the transmit and receive pairs of wires in the cable. Most hubs and routers already flip the pairs in the connection, but a computer to computer connection would require th... Read More »

Connecting a DirecTV DVR to the Internet With Ethernet Wireless?

DirecTV provides its customers with DVR service for an additional fee. These devices work like a VCR, recording programs onto a built-in hard drive. It is even possible to save recorded selections ... Read More »