I need some good recipes for chicken tartare?

Answer I trust you didn't forget to add the raw eggs?

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Where is there a good website for bbq chicken recipes?

Go to:http://allrecipes.comIt's like a big community cookbook. You can search for a recipe and then read other people's reviews of the recipe!It's my favorite cooking website.Good Luck!

What are some good, simple chicken breast recipes?

Do you have red wine, apples, onion and sugar? Rosemary would be good, but it's doable without. Dried rosemary does not count as it is not rosemary, it's some sort of vile poison.Peel two apples, c... Read More »

Any good recipes using TOFU or SEITAN Or any good vegetarian recipes in general?

I've been a vegetarian for 12 years. There's ALOT of good recipes out there, just experiment! And if you find a recipe you don't like, don't give up!! Check out these websites. There's a lot of u... Read More »

Yummy recipes with chicken?

Chicken breasts are one of the most versatile cuts of meat. You can prepare so many different things with them and get completely unique and different flavor combinations every single time. My fami... Read More »