I need some good recipes for chicken tartare?

Answer I trust you didn't forget to add the raw eggs?

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What are some good, simple chicken breast recipes?

Do you have red wine, apples, onion and sugar? Rosemary would be good, but it's doable without. Dried rosemary does not count as it is not rosemary, it's some sort of vile poison.Peel two apples, c... Read More »

I have crabs! Need some good crab recipes?

Dungeness crab is delicious and I have some great Dungeness Crab recipes for you. Salads, Sandwiches, Soups......just MMMMMM' Yummy! ;7)"Give me Dungeness or give me death," has always been my slog... Read More »

Help! i need to make a quick, yummy snack for some friends coming over tonight...any good recipes?

I always make this it's marshmallow fluff and cream cheese. mix two big things of marshmallow fluff and one regular size cream chz and then you dip it with strawberriesOnly takes a minute and taste... Read More »

Need recipes for boneless chicken.?

Go to for coq au vin or chicken marsala.