I need some fun!!!?

Answer The drink called '' Whatever!" ((:It isnt alcoholic. ((: Or you can try " Anything!" ((:THEY ROCK!

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I need to do some cutting. What type of "skillsaw" blade do I need to mount in order to cut some...?

I use a kanga hammer on those, you just have to keep chipping away at the edges until a crack appears and then you wedge something hard in as far as you can. Well, that's what I like to do most of ... Read More »

Look for a few plants to put around our swimming pool. Lots of some all day. Need some ideas please?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUEA few things you want to keep in mind when planting near a swimming pool. the first thing is you want plants that don't make litter. You don't want to spend all of yo... Read More »

What are some cool ways to paint your room I need some crazy ideas please!!?

We can just straight our imaginations on this oneYou can paint a the top coat, and while the paint is still wet, drag the comb through the paint or use a two coat method and paint the base one colo... Read More »

I need a new Nikon digital camera and I need some good suggestions. Who can help me?

The next step would be the Nikon D7000. It can use all the same lenses you have been using on your D80.The D7000 is going to be much better at shooting in low light than your fine D80http://www.dx... Read More »