I need some camera advice........?

Answer Add-on lenses for the consumer Sony camcorders are somewhat limited. You might be able to find a .7x wide angle lens, but you're not likely to go much beyond that. Either or your loca... Read More »

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Need advice to select a camera.!?

You must go for nikon coolpix L120I too bought this camera few months agoIt's picture quality is very good and even it's not too expensive.Key Features of Camera: Nikon Coolpix L120 Point & Shoot:-... Read More »

Need advice about camera?

PVA isn't waterproof. You need a clear neoprene based glue like Bostik Clear, or a silicone sealer.Or else see if the camera can be opened up and the seal replaced

I need some advice on cancer?

The odds of the spot being cancer are much higher than normal due to the melanoma. I doubt the docs could give you more specific odds unless they noticed certain characteristics that lead them to ... Read More »

Need Some Advice On My Body?

Ab definition is all to do with body fat, but at the moemt you lack muscle. Focus on bulking. Put on 1-2 stone, then cut and you'll get your abs. Might take you about 6 months though.