I need some camera advice........?

Answer Add-on lenses for the consumer Sony camcorders are somewhat limited. You might be able to find a .7x wide angle lens, but you're not likely to go much beyond that. Either or your loca... Read More »

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Need advice about camera?

PVA isn't waterproof. You need a clear neoprene based glue like Bostik Clear, or a silicone sealer.Or else see if the camera can be opened up and the seal replaced

I want to buy a new camera any advice?

Forget the 75-300 mm. It is perhaps the worst lens made by Canon. Many Canon users are surprise that Canon still makes this dog.Look at the Nikon D3200 as well.Go for the quality, NOT just price.... Read More »

I'm looking for a camera... advice?

The Canon Powershots are amazing.They're tiny, have big screens, and pictures lookvery professional. I get compliments on how awesomemy photography is with my Canon Powershot.Try the Canon Powersho... Read More »

Camera advice PLEASE!?

Most compact digital cameras will do most of what you want, an example would be something like the Canon IXUS 510 HS or the cheaper Canon IXUS 125 HS.When playing back the video on the camera you c... Read More »