I need some advice on boiling pasta without it sticking together?

Answer for every 100gr of pasta use 1l of water(ie: for 300g pasta use 3 liters water)Boil the water adding 1 teaspoon of salt to each liter of water.When water is bubbling put the pasta in + 5 tablespoon... Read More »

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How do i stop boiled pasta sticking together?

The main tips are: use plenty of water (salted, otherwise the pasta will come out tasting sweetish -- a real no-no over here: heaven forbid you should forget the salt!) in a large, deep pot, bring ... Read More »

Why do you add salt when boiling potatoes or pasta?

To make it taste saltier! I'm amazed by all the answers here that are claiming something else (it's oil you add to prevent sticking, and al dente just refers to how long you cook it). It's true th... Read More »

How do you prevent pasta from sticking to the bottom of the pot during cooking?

If you have an electric stove, boil your water, put in 1 tablespoon butter, and some salt... return to boil... stir in pasta slowly. Once it has returned to a boil, boil for 4 minutes stirring fre... Read More »

Need some cooking advice, sticking to pan?

Two things. Invest in some airbake cookie sheets. It's pretty much impossible to burn something on airbake. They aren't too expensive. The other thing is to buy parchment paper. They have it at mos... Read More »