I need since computer help it won't power on?

Answer Did you try to push the power button?

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New Power Supply wont get power?

Steps:1. Disconnect EVERYTHING from the PSU (including power cord)2. If it has a vacation switch on the back, turn it OFF (the ZERO)3. Find the main motherboard connector - it has a single GREEN wi... Read More »

Computer with blu-ray wont play through tv copyright message comes up and movie shuts down plays fine on computer?

Why wont my Remote cpntrol power on the tv?

i think so because u can drive a remote control on night and it doesn't work of any think other then the remote it may be illegal though in some enclosed spaces as there's a danger u wont be able t... Read More »

What is the best computer cleaner that wont harm my computer?

CCleaner is a decent program to clear your history, remove installed programs etc. You can download it for free at or just google CCleaner. Hope that helped