I need quick DIET ADVICE!!?

Answer Indulging a little never hurt anyone. The key is moderation.I really like the first post someone made... don't get stuck on fad diets. Just keep in mind that you want to burn more calories than you... Read More »

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Lump in throat advice needed quick !?

I am not medically trained but am well read on thyroid related illness because, well, I am hyperthyroid with Graves'.It sounds like a swollen nodule, perhaps it is pushing on your wind pipe in whic... Read More »

I have been diagnosed with MS. Any advice or warnings I should know about Regarding medicine, diet, etc?

If you had optic neuritis and your MRIs showed 3 typical MS lesions, and you got a diagnosis from the neurologist, then you can, unfortunately, be pretty sure that the diagnosis is correct.If you n... Read More »

I am looking for some support in the transition from a SAD to a raw vegan diet for my family. Any advice?

Maybe have movie night.There are at least two movies with a focus just on raw foods.Raw For 30 Days: Me there are several o... Read More »

I want to cut processed foods out of my diet! Need some food suggestions and helpful advice! ?

If you buy what's in season it's more economical. Like now would not be the time to eat, let's say, brussel sprouts. I eat fresh all the time on a budget. Mostly salads but I put interesting thi... Read More »