I need pictures on facebook to be deleted!!!!?

Answer According to FB help page, they recommend...Remove the tag that links the photo to you.Talk to your friend and ask that they remove photo.If all else fails, delete them as a friend.Unfortunately FB... Read More »

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I deleted my Facebook app on my iPod but when I tried to download it Says I need an update required what do I ?

you probably had an old version of facebook and now you're trying to download a newer version. i would connect it to your computer and update it using iTunes.

Can i get my deleted pictures back from my ipod touchpleeze...i had very important pictures in there...?

Hey, don't worry, Faye. You can get back your pictures deleted from your ipod. When you delete photos from a portable device like ipod, the photo itself isn't deleted, just the space containing the... Read More »

Is there any way to recover deleted pictures on your camera even AFTER you took more pictures?

The answer is Yes, it's highly possible to recover the deleted pictures even if you have taken more pictures. AS this happened just yesterday. So it think you still have great chance to get your de... Read More »

I need small ascII art pictures that will fit in the facebook/myspace status bars?

The website I provided below is what I use to put in my "write something about yourself" section. Only some of them work in that section because facebook automatically left centers all text.BUT, Yo... Read More »