I need new ways of doing my hair and make up ...?

Answer Maybe have a 1 inch or so trimmed off you hair, keep the layers. With the fringe maybe have it like this...… Try teasing your hair. Maybe a high, messy bun... Read More »

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In need of fairly quick, simple, but cute ways to pull my hair back?

Here's a few ways I like to do it- 1. I take just the portion about a half inch above my ears and I secure it at the back of my head with a clip, bobby pins, or a tight ponytail (It shouldn't be su... Read More »

I need some ways to make my bedroom look not so plain?

Before you do anything to drastic, ask your parents. Also, I rearranged, painted, added color and accessories to my entire house, and I drew a floor plan, that then a drawing of each wall. This is ... Read More »

Ways to Make Your Hair Grow?

Making your hair grow is not too difficult as long as you keep it healthy. By caring for yourself and following a few basic rules, you can grow long and beautiful hair. Take into consideration, how... Read More »

Ways to Make Hair Grow Faster?

Hair growth is a long and slow process, and unhealthy lifestyle or improper hair care practices can make it slower. Although there is no proven way to make your hair grow much more quickly, you can... Read More »