I need nelp getting my pictures off my camera on to the computer?

Answer Hey sweetie,When you put the USB cord from the camera to the computer, it makes the camera act like a removable hard drive. I will give you the Easy Button for this.*Connect the USB cable to the ca... Read More »

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How do you transfer pictures from your computer to your camera they were from the camera.?

AnswerMake a file backup folder on your computer and copy all those photos to it and call it a by new name.Now delete the bad or poor pixs from the orignal photo file . Select the pictues remaining... Read More »

How do you put pictures on your computer from your camera?

F.Y.I.- This is for Windows only not Mac. Short way: Plug in the camera. If a window pops up then click download and wallah. If this doesnt work then use the long way. Long way: First, plug t... Read More »

How do I get the pictures from my camera to my computer?

The easiest and best method to transfer photos and video from your camera to your computer is via a little USB card reader (which are very cheap these days and widely available).Plug the reader int... Read More »

How to Transfer Pictures Fom a Camera to a Computer?

Digital pictures provide the ability to store, edit and transfer photographs between devices. Transferring photo files to computers from a camera frees up storage space on the camera or memory card... Read More »