I need late night snack suggestions please?

Answer Hot chamomile tea with a bit of honey.

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What's a healthy late night snack?

small serving of plain yogurt (I like the Stonyfield Farms brand because no artificial additives); it's so easy to digest and soothing at the same time

Whats a good late night snack?

Cheese on toast with a splash of lea & perrings.

Snack suggestions to take to an office without a fridge or a microwave?

Canned fruit - all you need is a can opener and a spoon. Also pudding packs and jello packs are handy. I keep somecrackers in my office most of the time.

What is the name of this sifi series it is about a girl a small robot and some guy on board a living ship they also have some type of android or robot it was on late at night on si-fi around late 90s?