I need information on section 8 housing and where to get started finding them?

Answer Try the Hud housing link below. Good luck. I hope you have a gun, cuz the projects aren't no joke. If you ain't from the ghetto don't go to the ghetto cuz you wouldn't understand the ghetto.www.hud... Read More »

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Information on Section 8 Housing?

Technically entitled the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Section 8 is dedicated to providing subsidized housing for individuals and families considered to have "low income." The program is designed... Read More »

Where would you start getting information about using your house for section 8 housing?

The link below lists some facts that may help. It enen gives a link to the federal law (see last paragraph.

What is section 8 housing?

Section 8 housing is government subsidized housing for low-income persons. Section 8 Housing is one of two programs: the Voucher program (known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program), and the Publ... Read More »

Is section 8 housing the same as section 236?

No, it's not: section a is more applicable towards renting the unit, while section 236 has more to do with financing of a property.